Mary Fenlon
Tully, NY

Without a doubt, this has been the best tour I have ever been on. The way that you shared the facts of history was an inspiration. You blended multiple, tiny bits of history, religion, and the richness of the culture into a magnificent mosaic – thus creating a powerful and lasting impression of Italy. I thank you for sharing your knowledge, your faith, your experiences, and your enthusiasm with me.

Rev. Charles Curry
Pastor of St. Ambrose Church

Endicott, New York

Our trip to Italy – these several weeks later – seems like a dream within a dream. It was all there as anticipated – antiquity, holy grounds and places, breathtaking artistry – in a word the sacred and the profane – all converging in the sites we visited – Rome, the Vatican, Tuscany and Assisi – places where the more complete picture of Italian fabric is ever unfolding and constantly revealing itself. Into this setting we ten pilgrims – inspired by our fearless and dauntless leader, Paul Carman – ventured for 9 days. And what a rewarding experience – together we bonded, we prayed, we laughed, we marveled, we crossed streets courageously, we ate.and ate a bit more – and occasionally we sipped a bit of wine! All of this on sacred ground. Lord we are grateful. We thank you for creating Italy and for gracing it over the centuries with holy people and the inspired artists who have shaped it and whose descendants bid travelers like ourselves to come there and share in its immense holiness and beauty and richness. And thank you for giving us, through Paul the privilege and gift of this profoundly spiritual and life-altering pilgrimage.”

Dr. and Mrs. Dale and Kandy Neal
Stowe, Vermont

“Words just cannot express how much we appreciate the ‘loving guidance’ you provided for our journey through Italy. The depth and breadth of the experience could not have been realized without your preparation, your enthusiasm, and the energy you poured into it. Your self-confidence and peaceful demeanor set the tone for an adventure that could have had some tense moments in our group of diverse, high-powered individuals.
“Walking the ancient city of Rome and listening to your heartfelt descriptions and stories of history provided a learning experience that could not have been duplicated ~ it added a sense of historical fact to a faith we already held dear. Precious memories were created for each of our senses. How blest we were to benefit from your expertise (and influence!) during Wednesday’s audience with the Pope and spectacular Scavi Tour two stories below St. Peter’s Basilica ~ the icing on a delicious cake! The trips to the areas of Florence and Positano were perfectly sandwiched between our days in the sacred spaces of Rome.
We thank God that we had the opportunity to travel to the ‘magnificent mosaic’ of Italy with you. We are especially appreciative of a new-found friendship.”

Dr. and Mrs. Michael and Susan Dick
Rutland, Vermont

“We spent two wonderful weeks with Paul Carman as the leader of our 12 person tour group to Italy. Paul made all of the arrangements, flights, accommodations, transportation in Italy, and food. Paul was a wealth of information. He knew the historical significance of every fresco, every church, every painting or sculpture we saw. There is no way we could have seen as much of Italy as we did in the time we had without Paul Carman. We went to places and saw and did things that we could not have done on our own. Our tour was truly a trip of a lifetime!”

Kathy Kinane
Camillus, New York

“Visiting Italy will forever be one of the most significant times in my life. It was spiritually life changing and gave a whole new definition to the five senses. The leader of our group, Paul Carman, organized an unforgettable, educational, faith-filled experience. With his exceptional knowledge of Rome, Florence, Assisi and the Tuscany Region, we were not only able to visit and experience amazing sites; we learned about them on a personal, historical, and spiritual level.”

Dr. and Mrs. William Mark and Teresa McVea
Camillus, New York

“Paul Carman is a veritable fountain of knowledge of both local customs and historical knowledge. On his tours, he devotes primary focus to his group and strives to ensure that everyone shares in his rich cultural experience as well as enjoys all there is to see. Paul treats his guests while on tour as if they were allfriends. No detail too small to warrant his personal attention, no request too ‘off-beat’ to address and resolve. Paul has unprecedented access to a number of sites that would other wise be unavailable to the average traveler. More importantly, he has the depth of knowledge and breadth of experience to fundamentally explain not just the historical significance of the sights seen, but their deeper cultural and spiritual significance as well.

“In a larger sense, Paul organized the entire trip prior to our departure from the United States with such attention to details that no one in our rather large party had even the slightest glitch in their travel plans. The trip, the adventure, was so well planned it just flowed. If you ever want to take a trip, not just in a geographical sense, but in the true sense of a trip, please work with Paul and let him work his special brand of magic.”

Mike & Patricia Letizia
Syracuse, New York

“My wife Patricia and I had the wonderful experience of traveling to Italy with Paul Carman and four other couples. We had never been to Italy and had no idea what to expect. Paul spent an evening with my wife and I telling us the “nuts and bolts” of the trip. He mapped out the entire journey by showing us pictures of where we would be staying, suggested what we wear, carefully explained the currency exchange rates, and the sights that we would be seeing. Paul made Italy come alive before we ever left Syracuse and had every detail taken care of.

“Because Paul is so fluent in Italian and knew what to see, where to shop, and most importantly where to eat, our trip was spectacular. Every time that I thought I saw the most beautiful scene, Paul showed us something better. Above all, I’ll never forget mealtime. Paul brought together people who really didn’t know each other before the trip started. His friendly guidance and leadership united all of us as close friends. We are looking forward to going back to Italy soon with Paul Carman.”

The Rev. Craig Swan
St. Luke’s Episcopal Church
Camillus, NY

What an amazing experience my family had touring Italy. After seeing and speaking with people from the cruise ship and tour groups as they wandered through Italy, I realized that I had made the right decision to book a private family tour with Keyrow Tours. Paul’s service was excellent, beginning with planning our itinerary nine months prior to departure. He listened to our family’s diverse interests in music, history, religion, and of course shopping and provided a well balanced tour that met everyone’s expectations. His choice of centrally located hotels allowed us to experience Rome, Florence and Positano from within the heart of these wonderful places. What made touring Italy most wonderful, was Paul’s passion and knowledge of this beautiful country. Whether Paul was guiding us through the scavi ruins below the Vatican, tasting wine at a Tuscan winery or swimming in the Mediterranean, it was clear that Paul’s heart and soul are one with Italy and that there is nothing that brings him greater joy than to share his love of Italy with others. Thank you Paul and Keyrow Tours for the family trip of a lifetime.

Mindy Gigacz
Jordan, New York

I am still smiling and memories of Italy flood my spirit. The trip was outstanding – I loved it all! Paul, I can’t begin to tell you how happy I am to have shared this journey with you and our group. I loved it all. Many, many times I thought of my relatives and how they would have enjoyed learning about Italy. My highlights besides the food and wine and company would have to be the Vatican, Assisi, our train ride through the countryside, Florence, and the Trevi Fountain of Rome. There was so much more, but those are my most precious memories. Thank you Paul!
~ Mindy Gigacz, Jordan, New York

Rev. Denny Hayes
Pastor of Corpus Christi and St. Patrick’s Church

Southern Onondaga County, New York

I had the pleasure of joining Paul Carman on one of his tours to Italy in November 2008. Without a glitch, Paul coordinated everything for twelve travelers from Central New York: flight arrangements, ground transportation, hotels, restaurants, entrance tickets, and incredible daily walking tours. I especially enjoyed the Vatican Museum, the Sistine Chapel, St. Peter’s Basilica and the catacombs. The artwork, history, architecture and local cuisine were unforgettable. Paul’s explanation of these incredible sights and others was personal, energetic, and informative. Beyond that, I have to say that traveling in a group of this size created an intimate experience that was quite unique. What a world of difference from a large tour group! We were able to see and experience so much more…from small cafes and family-run restaurants to a personally guided Scavi Tour of St. Peter’s Tomb, Paul’s expertise guided our journey through this beautiful country. It was like having a knowledgeable friend show us all the best sights. As a pastor I feel that Paul Carman and Keyrow Tours would be a meaningful experience for parish groups, families, and friends.

Joan and Charles Swetitch
Endicott, New York

Keyrow Tours, owned and operated by Paul Carman, provides tours of Italy for small groups. Paul’s living in Italy for many years, his appreciation for art and history, and his theological education gives the tourist a very special look into the history behind Rome and other cities in Italy. His planning and execution of the itinerary was superb. For us, seeing ancient places such as the Coliseum, Roman Forum, arches, the catacombs, Saint Peter’s grave, churches, Florence, Siena, Assisi, etc. was awesome. The wine tasting was lots of fun! Walking the narrow streets gave us a sense of being back in time. We enjoyed the trip very much!

Jim and Lynn Cummings
Tully, New York


Yes…you can do that with Paul Carman and Keyrow Tours! Because of Paul’s superb organization, past experiences, and knowledge of the country, we were able to enjoy Italy without the problems of hotel bookings, quality of restaurants, and tour entries. Every hotel was ready for us and so accommodating to our needs, every restaurant was of superb quality and service, and we never waited for entry to any scheduled tour as Paul had seen to every detail. Paul’s vast knowledge of ancient history. Theology, and his command of the Italian language greatly contributed to the enjoyment of seeing, listening, learning and absorbing the beauty that was bestowed upon us. Paul’’ quiet expertise and charm added a special quality of seeing all the treasures of Rome, Florence, and the aqua blue waters of the Mediterranean, and we were able to drink it all in without the worries of planning itineraries, booking hotels, or trying to decide which restaurant to have dinner in.All our questions were answered, all our needs were met, and Paul took care of us all.

We have been fortunate to have traveled to many parts of the world, but our fortune only increased upon meeting Paul and having the opportunity to see Italy with him in command. We would NEVER have seen the beauty of Italy with such ease ad comfort without Paul Carman. It was an experience of a lifetime, and we feel the best compliment we can make is to say that we are already planning a second trip to Italy with Paul, and look forward to visiting other parts of this beautiful country with not only a wonderful travel guide, but with someone we hope we can now call our friend. Pack your bags and go!

Jean and Dave Klem
Tully, New York

Thank you for the trip of a lifetime. We packed our bags and threw away all our worries when we traveled with you. Your knowledge and expertise of Italy was invaluable to us. You were our teacher, leader, and friend. Through your eyes we learned about Italy’s culture, food, historic places, awe-inspiring sights and, of course, her wine! You have us a wonderful gift Paul – Italy!. When we now think of Italy it will be forever with joy and a heartfelt warmth of the 12 amazing days we spent with you on our Italian adventure. Keyrow Tours is the best and we were blessed to have traveled with you. Thank you for everything.

Martin and Maureen Brophy
Tully, New York

An experience like non other – the #1 vacation and opportunity to learn history from a master. Experience Italian culture first hand and see a magnificent country. All of this and never have to worry about a thing! Paul handled everything to perfection, and we are going back!

Kathy and Tom Homestead
Tully, New York

Thank you for the trip of a lifetime. If we had a bucket list, your trip would certainly be on it! How do we say enough about the food, the wine, the knowledge that you shared with us? Every day was different and every day was wonderful. Thank you for all that you have shown us. We hope that all of our friends will be able to see and feel Italy as only you can show them.