Keyrow Tours is the best way to see Italy! Only 12 travellers per group! As a frequent traveller I have done it all, from winging it on my own to travelling on various tours… Keyrow Tours is exactly the right balance. The owner, Paolo, travels with 12 or fewer as his guests and he takes the word “guest” quite seriously; he personally takes you everywhere himself, tailoring the experience to the desires of the individuals in the group. He speaks fluent Italian, having lived in Italy for many years and knows exactly where to go and what to see. It was great for me travelling alone, as I had an instant “family”, with whom I still keep in touch… and I still had plenty of time to explore on my own.

Paolo C. Carman, Owner, Keyrow Tours
Trumansburg, New York

I have never thought of adding my own testimonial to my own web site, because such a concept never made sense to me. But now, I absolutely have to. This past fall of 2011 I had the priviledge of hosting two groups “back-to-back” to Italy. Gratefully, my wife Heather was able to join my first group, and she added so much through her “behind the scenes” hard work, her personal love and support of me, and for our group. So this is my testimonial to Heather. She doesn’t know this, but during my second group’s trip I was sharing about Michelangelo’s statues in Florence called “The Prisoners” over dinner. They were carved for Pope Julius II’s tomb in Rome… and to the untrained eye they appear unfinished and…dare I say…grotesque: Rough chunks of marble, with unfinished images of contorted human faces, legs, torsos and arms. To me, they appear to be pushing and pulling themselves to freedom from the rock that enslaves them. Hence their name: “The Prisoners.” Michelangelo used to say that when he saw a piece of marble, he would see a perfect apparition of beauty inside of it, and his job was to set the apparition free from its prison cell.

As I told this story to my guests over dinner I started to well-up because I realized that my wife Heather does this for me: She sees something I have difficulty in seeing inside of me: Goodness and Beauty. But I am learning to trust in her gentle “strokes” of truth and honesty. She sets me free, little by little, to be who I am. Thanks Heather, for being my wife, my best friend, an artist, and a key part of unlocking Italy for others…

Chef Samantha Buyskes
Trumansburg, New York

A culinary journey through Italy – In early October 2011, eleven of us… lead by Paolo Carman… toured the culinary side of Italy. We entered as strangers and left as dear friends for life. With stops in Venice, Florence, Assisi, San Gimignano, Rome and the Vatican. Truffles both white and black, chestnuts, polenta, almonds and olive oil were all coming into season. I feel very fortunate to have seen Italy this way with Paolo. As a professional chef I was thoroughly impressed with Paolo’s selection of restaurants, connections with people and food experiences that we had.

An intimate-sized group that was afforded amazing dining experiences: from a private dinner with a local family in their villa over looking Florence, to a cooking class in Tuscany with a professional chef, to a truly local “farm to table” cooking school in Assisi – All that is Italian, simple farm faire and seasonal cooking. It was truly an unforgettable experience, and I haven’t even mentioned the ingredients I brought back! I am looking forward to our reunion banquet when we as a group will cook dishes together from our trip for family and friends… Come with us next year!!! Bon Appétit!

Margaret Fisher
Brooktondale, New York

Though I realize it will take some time to fully integrate the entire experience of this culinary journey, I know now that this is your vocation, Paolo. Thank you for bringing me “home” to the craftsmanship, the style, the food, the churches, the light and warmth that is Italy. Know that I am most sincere in saying that is has been a pleasure to observe and benefit from your warm connections and relationships. Best always…

Dominic Fisher
Austin, Texas

Paolo, it has been a wonderful trip: Great itinerary and flawless execution of logistics. I’ll never forget it! Thanks again, and I look forward to seeing you back in Ithaca when I am home to visit. Grazie…

Sarah Jones
Los Angeles, California

Though my trip got off to a rough start by missing my flight in LA, that memory was quickly banished by the wonderful sights and incredible warmth of our group. This trip was exactly what I needed for a fresh start from a rather painful couple of years. All of the incredible places we went to, the warm inviting people we met…these things and so many others helped center me and to focus on being in the moment. It was definitely a once in a lifetime trip. Thanks again for the awesome experience!

Laura Jones
Senior Research Associate at Cornell University
Ithaca, New York

This was a wonderful trip! Great food and wine, sites and sights, flawless execution of logistics, and a beautiful group of fellow travelers. I felt that my sister Sarah and I have some good and vivid memories that will stay with us until we are old ladies – and that was one of the reasons we came! You really took care of everyone Paolo, down to the smallest details. Thank you.

Jim and Susan Johnston, Cayuga Radio Group
Ithaca, New York

Although Jim and I have traveled to Italy before…this was our “happily ever after.” You took us to places that we would not have ventured to on our own. We trusted in your knowledge and guidance…we could not have managed Rome and much of Italy without you. And the culinary adventure with Chef Sam of Simply Red Bistro exceeded our expectations. The farm in Umbria, the cooking school in Florence, that charming lunch in a secluded neighborhood on the Island of Burano, and dinner prepared by “mama” at your friend Roberto’s home…more than food….food for thought! We will cherish these memories and share our experiences and good food with friends and family in the future. You have unlocked Italy with your “key”. Grazie!!!

Tara LoCastro and Carlos Perez
Rochester, New York

Thank you for a very special time in Italy. The trip we shared together was truly unique with exceptional coordination and attention to detail. We are still slowly digesting every part of our journey together. To anyone remotely interested we say that this was a great way to experience Italy. Paolo took care of everything. All we had to do was show up, eat, and enjoy. Grazie!

Laurie and Bill Ryan
Spencerport, New York

Thank you so much for making our dreams come true during our anniversary vacation in Italy. You really went the extra mile! How romantic….dancing in Rome under a harvest moon with musicians playing… and all arranged by you just for us! The culinary trip was so much more than we expected. As Bill kept saying, he wanted to “experience” Italy, not just visit it. With such a small group and your personal knowledge, we feel we more than “experienced” Italy. We fell in love with it! Traveling with Chef Samantha of Simply Red Bistro, all of the food experiences, the cooking schools in Florence and Assisi, our dinner in a private Tuscan villa with a gelato making demonstration…these things and so many others make us realize that love and life truly IS food in Italy. Grazie Paolo, for making this trip so special!

Sally True, Tony Parise, Jennifer True-Parise
Ithaca, New York

Paolo, thank you for a lovely trip to Italy! All of us enjoyed the entire experience. It was a stressless exposure to the history, art and culture of the country. Your depth of experience yielded an abundance of personal benefits: The places we stayed at were great. The restaurants were fantastic. Most importantly the itinerary was well constructed and extensive. This is a trip that can be enjoyed by everyone! If you are at all interested in Italy, travel with Paolo because he is a wonderful way to see it!

Alex and JoAnne Miner
Ithaca, New York

Grazie. Grazie. Grazie! This has been a joyous experience. Far more than a tour of the highlights of Italy, this trip has been a thoughtfully planned visit to a culture that Paolo so evidently feels passionate about and deeply respects. Every decision he made with our small group displayed care, creativity, knowledge, love and joy. From the very special hotels, to all of the sites chosen, to the phenomenal, delicious, and beautifully presented meals (really, they were spectacularly delicious!) to the unique visits to a private family’s home for dinner in Tuscany, to an exclusive tour of the Vatican. It has all been a wonder. Paolo made the complete arrangements for our trip (transportation, lodging, dining, and sites) seem seamless. But his attention to detail and organizational skills were a wonder. We were honored and thrilled to be on the receiving end of such talent and service. Thank you, Paolo, for the wondrous trip, and for sharing your Italy with us.

Imad and Dima Nsouli, MD
Syracuse, New York

It was a great pleasure to travel to Italy with Paolo and his wife Heather. We had such a wonderful time, thanks to them. We can honestly say that Paolo represents the complete package: Not only was this trip organized to the last minute detail, but Paolo’s knowledge and insights made it a truly wonderful experience. We cannot thank him enough for making this trip the most memorable trip we have ever experienced.

Amanda and Jason Parton
Fairport, New York

We thoroughly enjoyed this trip together. From a ten-course dinner in a private family’s Tuscan villa, to a private boat ride to the Island of Capri, complete with swimming in the Mediterranean along the way: It has all been great! We both feel like we not only came to really know Italy, but also the other wonderful people on our trip. Thank you so much.

Jim and Theresa McGrane
Liverpool, New York

We have thoroughly enjoyed every day of our experience in Italy with you. It has been a dream come true and we hope to visit Italy again. Every city and town was full of interesting history, art, personal experiences, and facts. We made new friends and have lasting memories. The food was excellent: we only wish we could bring the chefs home with us! Paolo, thank you for all of your hard work that made our trip to Italy an extraordinary time.

Sami and Catherine Husseini, MD
Ithaca, New York

Italy is a series of treasures to discover, savor and enjoy. Paolo had the skill and knowledge to show us those treasures, and to allow us to experience and savor them firsthand. He is a capable organizer who managed to strike the ideal balance between discovering and appreciating Italy’s history, art, beauty, and culinary bounty. We felt that our days were full, but never overwhelming. We found in Paolo not only a skilled, meticulous organizer who anticipated every minute detail…but also an art critic, an expert in ancient, medieval and Renaissance history, architecture and religion. As a couple we have had the fortune of visiting countries on four major continents, sometimes on our own and other times through organized tours. We found this trip to be the best organized and best value in terms of time, quality, and yes, luxury! Paolo, we cannot thank you enough for the experience. Thank you so much for your kind and able guidance.