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Dear Friends,

Words cannot express my personal excitement in leading private, intimate-sized groups to Italy. Five of the best years of my life were spent on the Italian peninsula, and the aura of this amazing country brings inspiration and energy to all.

I experience Italy as a masterpiece mosaic, composed of rich colors and textures. Multifaceted in her beauty, Italy awakens the human spirit through its artwork and history, its music and blend of cultures, its excellent cuisine and fine wines, and its sense of the sacred. These attributes and others creatively come together and form something entirely magnificent.

Having had the privilege of hosting Italian excursions since the year 2000, I custom-design each trip with your group’s interests in mind: a unique opportunity for personal discovery, recreation, and learning.

Keyrow Tours provides an all-inclusive service for groups of fifteen people or fewer.

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Paul C. Carman, Owner & Director

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