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Keyrow Tours specializes in small group travel to Italy. An experience, rather than a tour.

Our guest list is always intimate: an average of just 10-15 travelers per adventure. All trips are personally hosted by owner Paolo Carman with exceptional attention to detail and personalized service. Avoid the pitfalls of large group and solo travel and venture off-the-beaten-path to undiscovered corners...

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Italian Adventures

Want to savor a traditional feast in a private Tuscan villa?

Awaken in a lemon grove and watch fishing boats return with the morning catch? Go island-hopping in a private boat on the Mediterranean Sea?

Care to stay at a solar-powered organic farm in the Umbrian countryside? Dine in a Michelin rated restaurant featuring 15th century Venetian specialties? Explore a secret pagan necropolis beneath the Vatican (a page from Dan Brown’s "Angels and Demons"...)

Slow Travel Tours of Italy

Do you dream of sipping a glass of local wine, watching the sun slip behind the Alps from the terrace of your own villa on Lake Como?

Imagine taking an Italian cooking class... visiting family operated wineries, balsamic, prosciutto and cheese productions... hiking the cliffs above an isolated fishing village... attending a concert against a backdrop of ancient Roman ruins... ducking into an unassuming neighborhood church to discover a masterpiece sculpted by Michelangelo...

All itineraries are meticulously designed to highlight the local agriculture, cuisine, history and culture of each region. The intimate size of each group ensures that we can dine in authentic family-run restaurants, visit private homes, enter sites not open to the general public, stay at historic hotels and farms, travel by train and “live like locals” during our travels.

DeTour with Keyrow Tours, and experience the luxury of devoting your full attention to the magic that is Italy, while Paolo arranges the rest.

Questions are always welcome, and your interest is appreciated.

For us to go to Italy
and to penetrate into Italy
is like a most fascinating act of self-discovery-
back, back down the old ways of time.

Strange and wonderful chords awake in us, and vibrate again after many hundreds of years of complete forgetfulness.

~ D.H. Lawrence

travel to italy with tour guide Paolo Carman of Keyrow Tours


Paul C. Carman, Owner & Director

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